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* We are happy you are here *
* We are happy you are here *

Quality Control, Shipping and Returns

Quality Control, Shipping and Returns 

Quality Control:
  • We provide a packing slip for easy check in.
  • We assemble each order and triple check it for accuracy.
  • We photograph every order with a copy of the invoice for review.
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Shipping Policy:

We ship quickly to all USA addresses via USPS Insured unless otherwise explained below.

  • You are welcome to continue reading below about our shipping categories and type of shipping service for them.

Shipping Discount:
If you live in Washington, Oregon, Idaho or Montana reach out to Irene to obtain the sheet glass shipping discount code.  This offering is for sheet glass shipping boxes only and is a discount offered to Washington, Idaho or Montana orders due to being in or close to the same shipping zone as our happy glass shop. 

  • Shipping charges are all about Size, Weight and Distance for the Sheet Glass Category... xo

Shipping Puzzle:
We assess what you have ordered and put together the best we can your order in the least amount of boxes or all in one box.

Shipping Categories:
We have several shipping categories so that the best fit and price can come into play.  When items are chosen from more than one shipping category then the shipping can look very high.  We puzzle and work towards having the best fit and lowest shipping cost on your behalf.  We have discounted priced shipping on all of our shipping categories.
  • The following are our shipping categories with a bit of explanation of quantity and type of service:

In Store Pick up:
We offer in store pick up that you will see near the end of check out if you do not use an express check out and wish to chose that option.  Once your order is ready you will be contacted so that a convenient appointment for pick up can be made.

Coe96 Powders and frits:
We can fit up to 8 in a Priority Insured package.
They also fit well with a few sheets of glass and in the stringers and noodles box.  PreCuts, Rods, Glass Cutters and other small items can fit in as well.

Coe96 4 LB Frits:
We can fit up to 4 into the box.  Other small items can fit into the box easily.  USPS Priority Insured is the chosen shipping method.

Sheet Glass 11" SQ or smaller:
We can fit up to 8 sheets of glass into a box if the value of them comes to less than $100.00 for insurance purposes.
We do have this category set to hold 5 sheets of glass plus other items that will fit well into the box then we evaluate value of the box contents and then we refund excess shipping right away.  We can fit in with the sheet glass PreCuts, Frits, Powders, Rods and other small items.

Sheet Glass 12" SQ Clear Golden Irid:
We can fit up to 7 sheets of the Golden Irid Transparent 12" Squares in this box.  If you add other sizes or other sheet glass then another shipping will add the 11" SQ or smaller category to your shipping at check out.  We can fit up to $100.00 of value of sheet glass in this box.

Coe96 Rods, Coe96 PreCuts, Coe90 Powders/Frits, Decals, etc.
We can fit up to 40 items in the box.  USPS Priority Insured is the chosen shipping method.

Coe96 Noodles and Stringers:
We can fit up to 20 into the box.  We also can fit in frits, powders, PreCuts and other small items.  USPS Priority Insured is the chosen shipping method.

* Noodles and Stringers do not fit into the sheet glass shipping box.  They are 18" long and it just won't fit... xo

Glassline Paints:
We can fit up to 20 into the package.  Other small chosen items can fit in as well if there are less than 20 Glassline Paints chosen.  USPS Priority Insured is the chosen shipping method.

Pattern Books and Instructional books:
We chose media USPS mail insured and 5 fit well.  If you chose more than 5 we buy the additional insurance and refund excess shipping.

GoldRush Paint Pens:
We ship via 1st Class insured and 5 fit well in this category.  If you add them in with other items chosen we refund excess shipping.

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Damaged Box:
When your box arrives and if it looks damaged do not open it. 
Take photos of the box.
Write return to sender on the box and give it back to the carrier.
Notify me that a box was damaged with the photos .
Email at or Text to Irene at (360)589-7766

When the box arrives back to me I immediately take care of replacing or refunding your items per our stock on hand.  I communicate what I am doing so that you do not have to wonder.

Damaged Items:
Sometimes the box looks fine but what is inside is not.
Take photos of the box, the packing and the broken items.
Keep all items, all packing and the box.
Notify me that you have found damages inside your box with the photos.
Email at or Text to Irene at (360)589-7766
I will communicate with you what we can do.
If there is a claim to be filed we will have to wait for the process to be done to move forward.
Keep in mind that the USPS most of the time will want to have the box, packing and damaged items given to them and they do not return it once a claim is processed.
Also be in the know that damage claims take a few Months to be processed.

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Lost Package:
If your package is lost we investigate and file a claim with USPS for the lost item.
Once the lost box claim is completed we move forward with replacing or refunding for your items.

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Returns Policy:
We offer 100% satisfaction with every purchase.
If you are not satisfied with your purchase you may return your item/s to us with a copy of your order invoice within 15 days.  Once the item/s are received by us we refund per your payment method.
Return Address:

Happy Glass Art Supply
Attn: Returns
PO BOX 478
Hoquiam, WA 98550-0478

Thank you for taking the time to be in the know of our Quality Control, Shipping and Returns policy.

Irene - The happy glass art gal and fellow glassy.