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* Welcome to your Happy Glass Art Supply * Celebrating 20 Years of Quality Service *
* Welcome to your Happy Glass Art Supply * Celebrating 20 Years of Quality Service *
System96 Oceanside Compatible Frits & Powders List

System96 Oceanside Compatible Frits & Powders List

You are welcome to print out this list and so you can check off the colors you have and make a wish list for what you desire to add to your colors in the future.

This list was updated on 8/24/2020

Using the new Oceanside Accessories Product & Price Code list from December 1, 2019 and my old list of what was created by Uroboros System96 in the past.



System96 Coe96 Frits/Powders       120 Color Variations
  Part # Description Code F1 F2 F3 F5 F7
  0000 Clear Transparent P          
  0000 IR Clear Irid Transparent R N/A N/A      
  0000 M+IR Clear Metalic Irid Transparent R N/A N/A      
  0001 Water Clear Transparent R          
  0003 Red Reactive Clear Transparent R          
Discontinued 0015 Urobium Pink Transparent V          
Discontinued 0015 ir Urobium Pink Transparent Irid V+ N/A N/A      
  0045 Red Reactive White Opal R          
  0056 Black Opal R          
  0056 ir Black Opal Iridized T N/A N/A      
Discontinued 0057 Walnut Transparent R          
  0078 Payne's Gray Opal Rcm*          
  0079 Chambray Opal Rcm*          
Discontinued 0103 Turns Pink Transparent V          
  0111 Dark Amber Transparent R          
  0121 Light Green Transparent R          
  0125 Dark Green Transparent R          
  0128 Aventurine Green Opal S          
  0132 Light Blue Transparent R          
  0136 Dark Blue Transparent R          
  0138 Aventurine Blue Opal S          
  0142 Light Purple Transparent R          
Discontinued 0146 Dark Purple Transparent R          
Discontinued 0150 Urobium Pink Opal V          
  0151 Cherry Red Transparent S          
Discontinued 0155 Orchid Opal V          
  0161 Yellow Transparent S          
  0171 Orange Transparent S          
  0200 White Opal R          
  0209 Crystal Opal R          
  0355 Marigold Opal R          
Discontinued 0402 ir Aqua Blue Transparent Iridized T N/A N/A      
Discontinued 0404 Sapphire Blue Transparent R          
Discontinued 0421 Riviera Blue Opal R          
Discontinued 0424 Cobalt Blue Transparent R          
Discontinued 0476 Neon Orchid Transparent V          
Discontinued 0476 ir Neon Orchid Transparent Irid V N/A N/A      
Discontinued 0520 Plum Opal R          
  0568 Aventurine Black Opal S          
  0602 Flame Opal R          
Discontinued 0611 Light Cherry Red Transparent R          
Discontinued 0612 Grenadine Red Transparent R          
Discontinued 0615 Lipstick Red Opal R          
Discontinued 0618 Black Cherry Transparent R          
Discontinued 0707 Citron Green Transparent R          
Discontinued 0707 ir Citron Green Transparent Irid T N/A N/A      
Discontinued 0726 Apple Jade Opal R          
  0755 Fern Green Opal R          
Discontinued 0774 Ming Green Transparent R          
Discontinued 0774 IR Ming Green Transparent Irid R N/A N/A      
  0782 Olive Green Opal R          
Discontinued 0906 Straw Transparent R          
Discontinued 0906 IR Straw Transparent Irid R N/A N/A      
  1101 Palest Amber Transparent R          
  1102 Pale Amber Transparent R          
  1108 Medium Amber Transparent R          
  1308 Pale Blue Transparent R          
  1408 Pale Purple Transparent R          
Discontinued 1702 Tangerine Striker Transparent R          
  1808 Pale Gray Transparent R          
  2101 Ivory Opal R          
  2103 Vanilla Cream Opal R          
  2107 Almond Opal R          
  2114 Chestnut Opal R          
  2116 Chocolate Opal R          
  2152 Terra Cotta Opal R          
Discontinued 2161 Khaki Opal R          
Discontinued 2181 Stone Opal R          
  2206 Dark Green Opal R          
  2222 Easter Green Pastel Green Opal R          
  2232 Turquoise Green Opal R          
  2234 Peacock Green Opal R          
  2262 Lemongrass Green Opal R          
  2264 Amazon Breen Opal R          
  2282 Celadon Green Opal R          
  2301 Hydrangea Opal R          
  2302 Medium Blue Opal R          
  2306 Cobalt Blue Opal R          
  2334 Turquoise Blue Opal R          
  2335 Mariner Blue Opal R          
Discontinued 2342 Cotton Candy Grape Opal V          
Discontinued 2382 Apline Blue Opal R          
Discontinued 2402 Mauve Opal R          
  2404 Lilac Opal R          
  2502 Red Opal R          
  2602 Yellow Opal R          
  2672 Sunflower Opal R          
  2702 Orange Opal R          
  2711 Persimmon Opal R          
  2802 Pewter Opal R          
  2806 Charcoal Opal R          
  2911 Champagne Opal R          
New 3151 White / Light Amber Opal R          
New 3272 Light Green / White Semi Opal R          
New 3352 White / Light Blue Opal R          
New 3571 White / Red Opal S          
New 3651 White / Yellow Opal S          
  5181 Bronze Transparent R          
New 5182 Antique Bronze Transparent R          
  5232 Teal Green Transparent R          
Discontinued 5238 Hunter Green Transparent R          
  5262 Moss Green Transparent R          
  5281 Sea Green Transparent R          
New 5282 Light Olive Green Transparent R          
Discontinued 5284 Olive Green Transparent R          
  5331 Sky Blue Transparent R          
  5332 Blue Topaz Transparent R          
  5333 Deep Aqua Transparent R          
Discontinued 5342 Violet Transparent R          
New 5382 Oceanside Blue Trans R          
Discontinued 5384 Steel Blue Transparent R          
Discontinued 5386 Navy Blue Transparent R          
  5432 Grape Transparent R          
  5711 Rust Transparent R          
  5911 Champagne Transparent R          
  6227 Forest Green Opal R          
New 6755 White / Orange Red Opal R          
  7312 Lime Green Transparent R          

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