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* We are happy you are here *
* We are happy you are here *
The Glass Eye Design Program by Dragonfly Software

The Glass Eye Design Program by Dragonfly Software

The Glass Eye Glass Design Program 

When I want to design some art I use the Glass Eye Design Program.
If you want to check it out do visit
The download comes with over 300 patterns.
We can take a portion of one pattern and add it to our own pattern.
We can use multiple areas from different patterns to create our own new pattern.


I recommend to use the 30 free trial so that you can see if it is the program that you would like to have.
After 30 days your work is still there, your tools will no longer work.
That is the time decide to buy and what version to buy. for the free trial. 

Be sure to watch the Tutorial on how to use the tools prior to download.

Then once you use it a little bit, for about 10 minutes, go back and watch the tutorial again.  Doing that really does help.

Video Tutorial link:

  •  See your designs before you build them
  • Apply glass colors and textures to your patterns
  • Resize patterns to any dimensions
  • Number pieces in an instant
  • Print patterns at full size
  • And so much more..

When I want to paint our home I simply take a photo of the home then import it into the glass eye then trace the room and change the colors on the walls.  This is another use of this neat program that you may enjoy.

I hope you enjoy this design program as much as I do.
Irene - The happy glass gal


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