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View our home page for shipping information ---> Free shipping on an order of $250.00 or more.
View our home page for shipping information ---> Free shipping on an order of $250.00 or more.

Welcome to your Happy Glass Art Supply

We are dedicated to taking care of your glass supply order in a detailed and prompt manner.

Our added website security makes us safe to shop with.  See the lock in the address bar...

Our Services - Our Location - Photos - Sheet Glass Sizes - Shipping

We are located in Hoquiam, Washington State.

Should you like to come to the shop simply contact us to make a convenient appointment.

We take great pride in putting together orders in an accurate and timely fashion not matter how big or small of an order.

We triple check and photograph every order to insure accuracy.

We ship to all USA addresses via USPS Priority/Insured mail.

Shopping with Happy Glass Art Supply is safe and reliable.  Plus we are reasonably priced.

Your happy glass art supplies and art times are closer to you than you know when you choose us.

"Free shipping on an order of $250.00 or more."

This offer is for a single order.  We do not hold and add to order for the free shipping offering.  We do not combine multiple orders to achieve the free shipping option.


The photos that we share here on our site are as close as we can get at the time you are viewing.  Sometimes we show sheet glass images in the frits and powders listings to give you a better idea of the hue of the frits and powders.


The sheet glass sizes are shown in the description and we will do our best effort to make the glass close to the size offered.


Happy Glass Art Supply Shipping Categories…

We have our supplies in shipping categories to best fit for the best price.

If you add items to your order that are from different shipping categories then the price of shipping can look outrageous.

What we do…..

We assess your order and then put items from the different categories together as best we can.

Very often people will order some stringers and frits.  That is two shipping categories that work pretty good together in one box and we are most of the time able to put a few frits in with a few stringers.

Sheet glass and a few frits in one box works pretty well. 

We have just changed our sheet glass shipping box to hold 12 pieces of glass.  We will update the sheet glass description area soon to reflect that happy change.

Once we have the order configured/puzzled then we refund the excess shipping right of way.

Do keep in mind that:

Stringers/noodles will not fit into a sheet glass box.

Sheet glass will not fit into a stringers/noodles box.

So if you order from each of those categories in one order we unfortunately have to charge for each of the categories on those items.

We hope that you keep art in your life during our distancing times.  Art is good for our souls.  xo