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Pebeo Vitrea 160 Glass Paints - Instructions

Pebeo Vitrea 160 Glass Paints - Instructions

Pebeo recommends that you use a soft, natural fiber brush, such as a squirrel hair brush or a red sable watercolor brush, to
apply Vitrea 160. A soft brush will have the right consistency for the paint, and is less likely to leave brush marks.  You can also
stipple, sponge, use crumpled plastic wrap, use bubble wrap, finger paint and any other technique you desire to achieve the look
you wish.

•        Stir the paints to mix them up.  If you shake them you create air bubbles in the paint.

Frosted Medium — Frosted Medium can be used to create an infinite variety of light and shadow effects. Use it alone to
create a frosted or etched effect — or mix it with gloss colors to lighten them and make them appear frosted, all without changing
the colors’ technical characteristics.
  Gloss Medium — Used to lighten Vitrea 160 colors and to add gloss effects without changing the colors’ technical
characteristics, Gloss Medium can be used to create an infinite variety of light and shadow effects. When used on its own, it is
almost invisible after application, ideal for making inclusions.
Iridescent Medium — When mixed with Vitrea 160 colors, Iridescent Medium produces iridescent colors that glimmer and
change colors when the light hits them.

Clean the glass with rubbing alcohol and a flour sack towel.

If using see through glass simply set your design template beneath the glass.
If using non-see through glass simply place carbon paper on top of your glass and your template on top of that.  Trace the
design using an ink pen then remove the carbon and template.  Then begin painting by design areas traced on the glass.  The
carbon will disappear when you bake the paint.

Clean your brushes with water.

•        Allow 10 minutes for color to dry before applying an adjacent color.  You can speed this up by using a hair dryer.

Place your oven rack at center height.  Set your painted glass onto the oven rack into a cool oven and then turn on to 325
degrees.  Once your oven reaches 325 degrees set your timer to 35 minutes.  After 35 minutes turn your oven off and allow the
oven to cool.  Once the oven is cool then remove your painted glass.  It is a good idea to check the accuracy of your oven
temperature, the manufacturer recommends a true 325 heating temperature.

The painted glass is dishwasher and microwave safe.  All materials are non-toxic and are safe for food serving use.

I hope you enjoy painting on glass and if you have any questions or suggestions simply talk to Irene.


Irene Richardson - June 23, 2021

Dear Adrianne, The only thing I can think of is to paint over it and cook again. I have not tried to remove finished Pebeo and am thinking that it is very baked into the glass therefore it would be into the glass pretty deep. So dremmel tool may or may not work. Maybe do a test piece and experiment so that you will see how the outcome is per what you do. I hope this information is helpful, Irene – The happy glass gal

Adrianne Nickerson - June 23, 2021

Is there anyway to remove a baked stained glass paint (Pebeo 160)? After I have put the design on a glass bottle, I just want to redo it. Thank you!

Irene Richardson - November 19, 2020

Vicky McCraken,
I have not had a problem opening the liners.
Do contact whom you purchased it from and see if they will replace it with one that will open.
Ask them to open it prior to sending you a replacement.
That is all I can think of. xo

Corine Severson,
I use the Medium that they offer and sometimes I use a dab of rubbing alcohol to make it a tad bit runnier.
The alcohol is used when I am manipulating it on the glass.
Also do note that if you are using picture frame glass or window glass that one side has tin on it.
Paints tend to not flow well. I rub a piece of wood on the tin side and then I can paint it.
I hope that all helps.

wishing you both happy glassing times,
Irene – The happy glass gal

Vicky McCracken - November 19, 2020

How do you open the pebeo vitrea 160 066 ink black liner???? I can’t get it open

Corrine Severson - November 19, 2020

Greetings! May I ask when type of medium you use to thin the Pebeo Vitrea 160 paints.
I am painting on glass.
Thank you.

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