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Urobium Pink Transparent Iridescent - System96 Mosaic size Frit Oceanside compatible at www.happyglassartsupply.com

Urobium Pink Transparent Iridescent - System96 Mosaic size Frit 8.5 oz

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System96 Mosaic size Frit Urobium Pink Iridescent 8.5 oz
Grain size: .3 in-.6 in (7.6-15mm)
F7 0015 96 u i

OceanSide Glass will not be making this glass, it is on the Retired product list dated 9/6/2019.

Uroboros frits and powders are crushed, screened for size then cleaned.
They are made from COE 96 tested compatible sheet glass from Spectrum and Uroboros System 96 Glass.
Frits can be packaged in clear wide mouth plastic 8.5 oz bottles
Sometimes for shipping purposes they are put into a zip lock bag and labeled clearly.

*Shipping note - the more you order the less expensive that it is per item added to your order.

Wishing you happy glassing,
Irene - HappyGlassArtSupply

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Iridescent frit

I haven't used the Urobium Pink Transparent yet but I've been extremely happy with the other iridescent frit I've used.