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Glassline paints tip set with one fine tip, one medium tip, and one bold tip at www.happyglassartsupply.com  Oceanside glass amazon aae delphi

Tip Set - Glassline Fusing Paint GA 16

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Tip Set - Glassline Fusing Paint Pen GA 16

Tip Sets come with one fine tip, one medium tip, and one bold tip. These tips are placed on the Glassline Pen applicator bottle and used to achieve a variety of line widths.

They are easy to put onto your Glassline Paint Pen.
- Snap off the tip protector, (black cap).
- Screw on the tip you choose.
- Unscrew just a smidge.
* If you over tighten the tip then the hole in the end of the bottle gets closed and then the paint comes out of areas it is not suppose too.

When done with a color simply rinse out the tip and use it on the next color.
- Good tip, I use a long bristle / soft tooth brush to clean mine out.

*Shipping note - the more you order the less expensive that it is per item added to your order.

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Glassline tip set

Love these little tips! 3 different opening sizes and they screw onto the bottle.