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* We are happy you are here *
* We are happy you are here *

Snowman #2 PreCut Coe96 One Three Ball Snowman in each package


Snowman #2 Water Jet PreCut Coe96 One Three Ball Snowman in each package
3 ball design snowman is: 3" x 2"

Glass Manufacturer: Spectrum Glass by Oceanside Glass & Tile
Opaque White - SP200SF
Glass Thickness: 3mm

© 2012 Ann Novotney

Snowman #2 Water JetPreCut glass snowman is the perfect size to make Ornaments with!
Snowman #2 also looks great in a winter art scene.
Use your favorite glass paint to add a face and buttons.
Use fusible glass noodles for scarf and stringers for fringe if you really want your snowman all dressed up.

** Snowman #2 Water Jet PreCut is sometimes attached to a glitter paper with tacky wax to help insure safe travels to you.
To remove the Pre-Cut from each other and from the paper simply give a gentle turn and lift then it will release.

Be sure to clean the glass to remove the tacky wax residue. 
 - We use 70% Isopropyl Rubbing Alcohol and a flour sack towel and clean twice.

    Wishing you happy glassing,
    Irene – The happy glass art gal