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* We are happy you are here *

Red Reactive Opal System 96®Glass Stringers 5 oz tube


Red Reactive Opal (White Semi-Translucent Hue) System96 Compatible™ Stringers 5 oz Tube

S 0045 96 

Compatible with Oceanside Compatible fusible glass

Stringers are round in cross-section, about 1 mm thick and 17” long.
COE 96 stringers have been tested compatible to system 96 expansion standards.
Stringers are thin enough to bend and shape with a candle flame.
The best way to cut them is with wire pliers.
These stringers are in a tube and have approximately 90 to 110 stringers in the tube.

Reactive Fusible Glass

When certain glasses are fused next to each other, they can produce a chemical reaction in the areas where they melt together, showing as a thin line of color between the two glasses. System 96 Red Reactive Clear and Opal glasses form a red reaction when fused next to classes containing copper.

There are 3 offerings of Reactive glass:

* Red Reactive Clear

* Red Reactive Opal

* Vanilla Cream Opal

We are happy to share with you a convenient link to the Reactive information and charts:

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