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* We are happy you are here *

Light Green Transparent System96 Compatible™ Fine Frit 8.5oz


Light Green Transparent System96 Oceanside Compatible™ Fine Frit 8.5oz
F2 0121 96 r
grain size: .01 in-.03 in (.25-.75mm)

Uroboros frits are crushed, screened for size then cleaned. 

They are made from COE 96 tested compatible sheet glass from Spectrum and Uroboros System 96 Glass.

Some of our offerings are from Oceanside and some are from Uroboros Factories.
Frits can be packaged in clear wide mouth plastic 8.5 oz bottles
Sometimes for shipping purposes they are put into a zip lock bag and labeled clearly.

Wishing you happy glassing,
Irene - HappyGlassArtSupply