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Champagne Waterglass® Opalescent Stained Glass by Spectrum at www.happyglassartsupply.com

Champagne Waterglass® Opalescent Stained Glass

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Champagne Waterglass® Opalescent Stained Glass by Spectrum Non-Fusible Art Glass 11"  Square


Champagne Waterglass
Color: Champagne
Category: Single Color, Opalescent
Texture: Texture
Opacity: Opalescent
Family: Waterglass®

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  • Manufactured by Spectrum in the USA
  • Ideal for stained glass and mosaic projects
  • Easy to cut 
  • Sheet glass actual size is close to the offered size.

 *Shipping note -We have the Sheet glass box set to hold up to 10 sheets of glass per shipping box. 

 If we can fit more than 10 sheets of glass, we do refund any other package charge to your account right away.  

  • Sheet glass does not fit into the stringers and noodles box.
  • Noodles and stringers will not fit into a sheet glass box.

Our goal is to be able to have your items delivered to you at the most reasonable packaging configuration and shipping price. 

    We puzzle your order to work with your best interest at heart.

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