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* We are happy you are here *

Breaker / Grozer


Glass Breaker / Grozer is a real neat breaking and grozing tool.

What is grozing.......  It is when we use the jaw to scrape on the glass like a file to remove rough edges.  We also use it to make a little bit of glass frit.

  • 2 tools in 1 – Use the breaking pliers to break hard-to-break glass along score lines. Use as grozers to nibble glass away from edges.
  • The wider 3/8" jaws on the breaker/grozer are ideal for breaking long strips. Tool measures 6" in length.
  • These pliers are made of high grade carbon steel for long durability and coated to prevent rust. Comfortable plastic grips.
  • Spring loaded jaws for quicker, easier work and reducing hand fatigue.