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* Your Happy Place to obtain glass art supplies plus good tips on using some of them *
* Your Happy Place to obtain glass art supplies plus good tips on using some of them *

Black Opal Hi-Fire Iridescent Oceanside Coe96 Medium Glass Frit 8.5 oz


Black Opalescent Hi-Fire Rainbow Iridescent System96 Oceanside Compatible™ Medium Frit 8.5oz
F3 0056 i 96 ri
grain size: .03 in-.1 in (.75-2.5mm)

System96 Uroboros Made in the USA
System96 Oceanside Compatible™ Made in Mexico
System96 frits and powders are crushed, screened for size then cleaned.   
System96 Frit is made from Coe96 tested compatible sheet glass from Spectrum, Oceanside Compatible™ and Uroboros System96 Glass.

This coating is known as: Irid, Iridized and Iridescent
No mater what you call it, it is wonderful and adds such bling to the glass art.

*Shipping note -We have the frits and powders to hold up to 8 items per shipping package.  If we can fit more than 8 then we refund if a second package charge is on your account right away.  Sometimes for shipping purposes they are put into a zip lock bag and labeled clearly. 

  • Our goal is to be able to have your items delivered to you at the most reasonable packaging configuration and shipping price. 
  • We puzzle your order to work with your best interest at heart.

Wishing you happy glassing,
Irene – The happy glass art gal

Sometimes the coating is called Irid, Iris, Iridized or Iridescent

  • Iridescent glass is made by adding metallic compounds to the glass or by spraying the surface with stannous chloride or lead chloride and reheating it in a reducing atmosphere.
  • Ancient glasses appear iridescent from the reflection of light off of many layers of weathering.