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* We are happy you are here *

Amazon Green Opal System 96®Glass Noodles 5 oz tube


Amazon Green Opalescent System96 Oceanside Compatible™ Coe96 Noodles 5 oz Tube

N 2264 96 B  

Noodles are named after Fettuccini noodles.
These COE 96/System 96 noodles are about 1 mm thick x 5 mm wide and 17” long.
These COE 96/System 96 noodles are made entirely from glass that has been tested compatible with System 96 expansion standards.
Amazon Green Opalized Noodles
Each 5 ounce tube contains approximately 20 to 30 noodles.
Thank you for taking the time to view my fusible glass offerings.

    Wishing you happy glassing,
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