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Celadon - Glassline Fusing Paint Pen GA 44 at
Celadon - Glassline Fusing Paint Pen GA 44 at
Celadon - Glassline Fusing Paint Pen GA 44 at

Celadon - Glassline Fusing Paint Pen GA 44

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Celadon - Glassline Fusing Paint Pen GA 44
** Don't forget to add the tip set, they are very handy to use with these pens.

*The painted picture of Amber our Labradoodle was created by Irene.

-Glassline paints are harmonious with float, 90 COE, 96 COE glass, glass bottles. Coe 32 and tiles.
- Use them for any type of glass or tile you decide to decorate.
- Glassline products are lead-free and food safe when fired.

For full directions do visit our blogs:

We offer 41 different Glassline Paint Pen colors to choose from at very reasonable prices.

** I use these a lot because they add so much dimension and character to the art.
*** I even use it with scrap booking stamps to put images onto the glass.

It can be fused to 1500 degrees Fahrenheit, but can also be fired lower or higher depending upon the outcomes you would like to attain.

This Glassline paint is easily thinned by adding tap water.
The Glassline paint can be thinned with water for airbrushing or spraying onto glass.

If you want it to thicken back up just let it air out.
If it dry's out too much then add water.
This makes our flow choice very simple!

Want to use it like a frit:
- spread some on a pallet
- let it dry
- scrape it and chop it on a pallet
- then use the choppings/dust to sprinkle on your art.

**The Manufacturers description/information::
-The Glassline Pens are used as a lining and shading material for glass.
-They're simple in design, easy to use, and can be thinned with water. A metal tip set is recommended for fine line drawings on glass.
+The Tip Set consists of one each of the following size tips, find, medium, and bold.
+These tips are placed on the 2-oz applicator bottle and used to achieve a variety of line widths.
-The Glassline colors can be applied between multiple layers of glass or on the top surface for a complex dimensional look.
-To further explore your creative edge, Glassline colors may be sprayed to achieve subtle shading variations on glass.
-Glassline products are lead-free and food safe when fired. Now in 2-oz,

*Shipping note - the more you order the less expensive that it is per item added to your order.

Wishing you happy glassing,
Irene - HappyGlassArtSupply