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* We are happy you are here *
* We are happy you are here *

GNA German New Antique

GNA German New Antique
This GNA is Limited due to no more being produced for many years
This GNA is out of Irene's Private Stash

* GNA (German New Antique) Glass by Schott is a machine-made antique. 
* It is uniform in thickness and color and has an appearance similar to mouth blown antique.  
* It is highly transparent with gentle striations and is very easy to cut.
* The subtle texture I call gentle striations works well with contemporary or antique designs. 
* The depth and clarity of this glass is so sublime. 
* I have used it for most of the stained glass windows in our home and as background glass for many commissions.

When the sun shines through this glass into my home it puts beautiful gentle lines reflections into my home.  This is truly a beautiful thing.



  • We ship to all USA addresses.
  • We have the All Sheet Glass to hold up to 5 sheets of glass per shipping box. 
  • We ship USPS Priority Insured mail that has a terrific and speedy delivery record for us.
  • If you order from other shipping categories and do not have 5 sheets of glass and we can add your chosen items to the sheet glass box then we refund excess shipping charges that were charged from the other shipping categories. 
  • We photograph and triple check every order for accuracy.

If a box of sheet glass arrives and has smashed damage - prior to opening contact Irene with photos of the box and she will advise you on what to do.

Our goal is to be able to have your items delivered to you at the most reasonable packaging configuration and shipping price. 

We puzzle every order to work with your best interest at heart.
We refund excess shipping right away..