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View our home page for shipping information ---> Free shipping on an order of $250.00 or more.

Straw Transparent Fusible Glass Rods Coe96 System96 Oceanside Compatible™ 4 pack of 5" long rods


Straw Transparent Fusible Glass Rods Coe96 System96 Oceanside Compatible™ 4 pack of 5" long rods

R 0906 96 b

This straw transparent has such a delicious hue of gold to it...!

  • Made in the USA at Uroboros Glass Factory. 
  • Uroboros Rods are sold in 4 packs that are approximately 5" long and around 7 to  10 mm in Diameter.

We have found that the rods are easier to work with when they are 5" long. Plus they ship nicer. 4 pieces of rods actually ends up being the equivalent of one normal length rod.

The perfect choice for lampworking and other hot glass work. The glass is expansion matched to COE 96 and is factory tested for compatibility with all of the System 96 family. Each glass has been carefully formulated to avoid devitrification even after holding in the flame for long periods

When we use rods in fusing we nip off a piece and use those nips of the rods for making Dots and Eyes for adding to future fusing projects.

*Shipping note -We have the rods packaging set up to hold up to 8 items per shipping package.  If we can fit more than 8 then we refund if a second package charge is on your account right away.  

  • Our goal is to be able to have your items delivered to you at the most reasonable packaging configuration and shipping price. 
  • We puzzle your order to work with your best interest at heart.

Wishing you happy glassing,
Irene – The happy glass art gal

Sometimes the coating is called Irid, Iris, Iridized or Iridescent

  • Iridescent glass is made by adding metallic compounds to the glass or by spraying the surface with stannous chloride or lead chloride and reheating it in a reducing atmosphere.
  • Ancient glasses appear iridescent from the reflection of light off of many layers of weathering.