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* Your Happy Place to obtain glass art supplies plus good tips on using some of them *
* Your Happy Place to obtain glass art supplies plus good tips on using some of them *
Kiln Shelf Board and Posts

Kiln Shelf Board and Posts

Awesome Kiln Shelf Board

I purchased mine through Zoro and Grainger.

Here is the information on it:
Ceramaguard Ceiling Tile
24 in W x 48 in L, 6 PK
Zoro Part # G4388973
Mfr Part #: 605C

Grainger is less expensive sometimes.  I do not know Grainger’s part number, but if you go to their website and use the Mfr Part # it should show up.

It is easier to cut it from the back side.
I use a box cutter.  It is tough stuff to cut and extreme attention to where one is cutting needs to happen so that it is cut correctly.

Once it is cut to size I also cut strips of the Ceramaguard to set under the Ceramaguard shelf. 

Using this board material for kiln posts:

For stacking some of them to replicate kiln posts I cut 2" squares.

The 2 inch squares can be stacked and then another shelf can be set on top of the stacked 2 inch squares.  The height will be determined by how many you stack up... 

Preparing the board to be a kiln shelf:

I set the board in the kiln with the white side up and fire it.

The recipe I use is: 

Ramp up rate of 200 degrees per hour to 1350 degrees in the kiln hold for 10 minutes then let the kiln turn off. 

The paint gets to the point of being able to vacuum off.      So it is time to vacuum off the crackly looking paint.

The board becomes sturdier after this firing.

Handling the board using two hands and not pinching at one side or corner will be best.

They can become damaged or broken if handled in an uneven fashion.

I then coat it with 5 coats of Hi-Fire shelf primer, I dry after each coat using a hair dryer.

Then it is ready to use.

I still use thinfire or papyrus paper under my glass just to insure all good things coming out well from the firing.

When I use a smaller piece in my kiln I just set it on my existing kiln shelf or stack up some kiln posts that I made from left over scraps of the Ceramaguard.

The smaller pieces can also be held up by using stacks of squares of the Ceramaguard.

My 16 inch kiln was turned on at 7 pm.

It was finished at 100 degrees by 1 pm 

That is 4 hours sooner than normal for it to be finished.

I am so happy and blown away by the quick turnaround time..